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My biographical novel of Balian d'Ibelin in three parts is complete, but the saga continues. Follow me to Cyprus, where Lusignans and Ibelins struggle to put down a rebellion and establish a durable state. Watch for excerpts and updates here.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nine Tales of Chivalry


A thing so strong,
and hard to learn,
that no wicked man
dare undertake it….
Emerging from the mists of the Dark Ages,
Amorphous and ephemeral,
Changing over space and time,
It defied definition.
Immortalized by the troubadours,
Inspiring the first romances,
The basis for the Tales of the Round Table,
The heart of medieval biographies,
From William Marshal to the Black Prince.
In the tradition of the troubadours, I present:
Tales of Chivalry
 Nine novels set in the Age of Chivalry
Tales of brave knights and fair ladies
Tales of adventure and romance,
of cruelty and generosity,
of treachery and salvation….
Tales of Humanity
For more information visit: http://www.tales-of-chivalry.com

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