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My biographical novel of Balian d'Ibelin in three parts is complete, but the saga continues. Follow me to Cyprus, where Lusignans and Ibelins struggle to put down a rebellion and establish a durable state. Watch for excerpts and updates here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Release of "A Widow's Crusade"

Anno Domini 1212:

Across France, the children are on the march. Seduced by a shepherd boy with a vision of freeing Jerusalem through the power of innocence alone, tens of thousands of children have left their homes and set out upon a new, peaceful crusade. As they stream through the city of Chavigny in Poitou, they are singing the old crusading ballade: Song of Palestine.

The melody awakes memories in the heart of a rich widow, Blanche. Long ago, when she was still young and beautiful, she had been in love with a poor knight, who followed Richard the Lionheart on crusade and never returned. An oblique reference to a man of the same name in a letter addressed to someone else awakes an irresistible longing to go to the Holy Land herself in search of her lost love.

Blanche sets out on a personal crusade, across the war-torn Languedoc, daring the pirates and slavers of the Mediterranean -- only to find a man, who is nothing like she remembered him, and anything but pleased to see Blanche again.

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