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Dr. Helena P. Schrader is the author of 24 historical fiction and non-fiction works and the winner of more than 53 literary accolades. More than 34,000 copies of her books have been sold. For a complete list of her books and awards see: http://helenapschrader.com

For readers tired of clichés and cartoons, award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader offers nuanced insight into historical events and figures based on sound research and an understanding of human nature. Her complex and engaging characters bring history back to life as a means to better understand ourselves.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Why I Write Historical Fiction - A Guest Blogpost by John Lynch

 John Lynch writes historical fiction under the name RJ Lynch. He writes about people at the bottom of the social heap and says researching those lives takes a lot more effort than writing about the upper classes – but is worth it.

 I write contemporary fiction as John Lynch and police procedurals as JJ Sullivan, but historical fiction has a special place in my heart. My interest arose from a combination of stories handed down in my family through the generations (some of which have proved to be hilariously wide of the mark but some of which are surprisingly accurate) and research that began with a project looking into a specific incident in the north-east of England in the seventeen sixties. That led to my spending a great deal of time in county archives, especially in Durham and Northumberland, and I became fascinated by the material I found that told me how ordinary people really lived. In The Structures of Everyday Life, Fernand Braudel writes brilliantly about  the top-down view of history taught in every school and university and the bottom-up stories of the lives lived by almost everyone. I decided that those bottom-up stories were the ones I wanted to tell. I write about the farm labourers, the coalminers, the chambermaids and washerwomen from whom most of us are descended. They lived, loved, fought, experienced joy and heartbreak just like anyone else. Their stories should be told, and I have chosen to tell them. Find out more at: https://jlynchblog.com/


Blog host Helena P. Schrader is an award-winning novelist and author of six non-fiction and twenty historical fiction books. Her current project in a three-part series about the Berlin Airlift.

The first two volumes of the Bridge to Tomorrow Trilogy are now available. 

The first battle of the Cold War is about to begin....

Berlin 1948.  In the ruins of Hitler’s capital, former RAF officers, a woman pilot, and the victim of Russian brutality form an air ambulance company. But the West is on a collision course with Stalin’s aggression and Berlin is about to become a flashpoint. World War Three is only a misstep away. Buy Now

Berlin is under siege. More than two million civilians must be supplied by air -- or surrender to Stalin's oppression.

USAF Captain J.B. Baronowsky and RAF Flight Lieutenant Kit Moran once risked their lives to drop high explosives on Berlin. They are about to deliver milk, flour and children’s shoes instead. Meanwhile, two women pilots are flying an air ambulance that carries malnourished and abandoned children to freedom in the West. Until General Winter deploys on the side of Russia. Buy now!

 Based on historical events, award-winning and best-selling novelist Helena P. Schrader delivers an insightful, exciting and moving tale about how former enemies became friends in the face of Russian aggression — and how close the Berlin Airlift came to failing. 

 Watch a Video Teaser Here!

 Winning a war with milk, coal and candy!

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