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For readers tired of clichés and cartoons, award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader offers nuanced insight into historical events and figures based on sound research and an understanding of human nature. Her complex and engaging characters bring history back to life as a means to better understand ourselves.

Monday, January 1, 2024

"Cold Peace" Honored Twice in Historical Fiction Company 2023 Book Awards

 Cold Peace

by Helena P. Schrader

Book I of the Bridge to Tomorrow Series

named 1st Runner-Up for BOOK OF THE YEAR 

in the Historical Fiction Company's Book Awards 2023

To be eligible for the BOOK OF THE YEAR award, Cold Peace first had to win GOLD in one of the 17 categories in the contest. Cold Peace placed first in the category 


 This is the second literary jury to crown Cold Peace one of the best books of 2023. Cold Peace won SILVER in the Readers' Favorites Book Awards 2023 in the category



Cold Peace is also the recipient of a BRAG Medallion and a Maincrest Media Award.

To see the BOOK OF THE YEAR announcement from the Historical Fiction Company click HERE


Cold Peace

Three years after WWII, Europe struggles with rationing, widespread unemployment and a growing Soviet threat. Hitler's former capital lies ruined under the joint control of wartime allies bitterly at odds. With the currency worthless, the population lives on hand-outs or turns to crime and prostitution. Deep inside the Soviet Zone of occupation, Berlin appears to be an ideal target for a communist take-over, putting the defenders of democracy on a collision course with Stalin's merciless aggression. 

A Battle of Britain ace, a female air traffic controller, a concentration camp survivor and an ex-ATA woman pilot are just some of those trying to find their place in the post-war world. An air ambulance service offers a shimmer of hope, but when a Soviet fighter brings down a British passenger liner, Berlin becomes a flashpoint. The world stands poised on the brink of World War Three.


Find out more at: https://www.helenapschrader.com/bridge-to-tomorrow.html

View a video teaser at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTuE7m5InZM&t=5s



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