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For readers tired of clichés and cartoons, award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader offers nuanced insight into historical events and figures based on sound research and an understanding of human nature. Her complex and engaging characters bring history back to life as a means to better understand ourselves.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"Emperor Strikes Back" -- Finalist for Book Excellence Awards

The Emperor Strikes Back was recognized as a Book Excellence Award Finalist in the Category Historical Fiction.
Out of hundreds of books that were entered into the Book Excellence Awards competition, The Emperor Strikes Back was recognized for its high-quality writing, interior and exterior design, and overall market appeal.

To view my complete award listing, you can visit: https://honorees.bookexcellenceawards.com/#!/The-Emperor-Strikes-Back-Historical/p/178508740/category=46250245

The book was released in 2019 and is the second in a series describing the conflict between the rebels against the autocratic Emperor Frederick II in Outremer. 

The book is perfect for fans of serious historical fiction and anyone interested in the history of the Holy Land in the era of the crusades. 

In other news, despite the cancelation of the London Book Fair, my literary agent has been in touch with potential commercial publishers for four of my titles. Interest has been very encouraging, but there is no "deal" yet. Two publishers are considering a total of four different titles, and internal review is expected to last eight to twelve weeks.

Meanwhile Keep safe!

Helena P. Schrader

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