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Friday, January 19, 2018

Characters in the "Last Crusasder Kingdom": Barry

For the last entry in this series on the characters in the Last Crusader Kingdom, I want to look at John’s dog, Barry.

Barry doesn’t exactly have a “speaking” role in this novel, but he is an important character nevertheless. 

As explained in the novel, John had not been allowed a dog when a boy because he has spent most of his youth a refugee, living in cramped, urban housing rather than growing up in his father’s castle.  As a squire, he is at last allowed to have a dog. Barry therefore symbolizes his new-found independence from his parents, particularly his mother.

Significantly, Barry is a stray. John adopts him not for his beauty or prowess, but for his loyalty. Barry returns the favor by saving John’s life very early in the novel. Thereafter they are inseparable, sharing all adventures in their new life ― to the brink of causing a diplomatic incident.

It is, therefore, the moment when John -- of his own accord -- leaves Barry behind that the reader knows John has grown-up. In this coming-of-age novel that is a significant moment. 

Next week's entry, an excerpt from The Last Crusader Kingdom will feature Barry. 


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