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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pen & Sword to Publish Two Books by Helena P. Schrader

I'm excited and pleased to announce that the renowned British specialty publisher 
Pen & Sword 
has commissioned me to write two non-fiction books 
for release in 2021 and 2022 respectively. 

The Holy Land in the Era of the Crusades: Kingdoms at the Crossroads of Civilizations

While “the crusades” have become a synonym for brutality and bigotry, the crusader states represent a positive example of harmonious coexistence between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Likewise, while scholars from a wide range of disciplines including archaeology, art history, and medicine have shed light on diverse aspects of the crusader states, to date there is no single introductory source that provides a comprehensive overview of these unique states as a starting point for the uninitiated. “Kingdoms at the Crossroads of Civilizaitons” aims to fill this gap while correcting common misconceptions by bringing together recent scholarly research on a range of topics to create a comprehensive description. It will cover the history, demography, state institutions, foreign policy, economy, art, architecture, and lifestyle of the people who lived in the crusader states in the period from 1100 to 1300. 

The Powerful Women of Outremer

One of the most common misconceptions about the Middle Ages is that women were “mere chattels,” objects without rights or self-determination. “The Powerful Women of Outremer”  will counter this myth by offering a study of women in kingdoms dubbed “ideal feudal states” at the very height of feudalism. From Queen Melisende (1131 – 1161) to the “ladies’ parliament” of 1261, it will highlight the degree to which women in Outremer played often decisive (although not always positive!) roles in the history of the Latin East.

“The Powerful Women of Outremer” will examine the circumstances that endowed women in the crusader states with particular status. In addition, it will look at the institutions, laws and customs that enabled — and circumscribed — their actions, as well as the fate of selected women.

In other news, A Song for Sparta went live on both amazon and Barnes and Noble.