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Friday, May 31, 2019

Awards and More

May brought recognition for two of my novels:

Rebels against Tyranny topped the list of finalists for the Chaucer Awards for Early Historical Fiction, winning "First in Category."

The Last Crusader Kingdom was a Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award in the Category Historical Fiction.



Rebels against Tyranny ended with the surrender of Frederick's deputies to the Ibelins, but King Henry de Lusignan senses the Emperor will not be able to accept defeat.The Emperor Strikes Back continues the story of Frederick II's war against the Ibelins....

Scheduled for release in August 2019, here is the draft cover blurb.

Emperor Frederick II has re-established Christian control of Jerusalem by means of a treaty with the Egyptian Sultan al-Kamil, but the Sultan brags that he will “purify” the Holy City and drive the Christians out as soon as the ten-year truce expires. The common people of the Holy Land show their contempt for the Emperor and his treaty by pelting him with offal, while the barons resist Frederick’s absolutism and demand rule of law. Filled with resentment and bitterness toward his impertinent subjects, the Emperor vows to destroy the family that embodies the independent spirit of Outremer: the Ibelins. While the Emperor's deputies will stop at nothing to fulfill their orders, the Ibelins fight back. But sometimes the price of defiance is defeat… 

Feedback is always welcome, so let me know what you think at hps_books@yahoo.com!

Here's the link to the complete list of winners for the Chaucer Award: https://www.chantireviews.com/2019/05/05/the-chaucer-book-awards-for-pre-1750s-historical-fiction-grand-prize-and-first-place-category-winners-2018-cibas/

Here's the link for the complete list of finalists for the Eric Hoffer Book Award:

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Chaucer Award for "Rebels Against Tyranny"

2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards were announced April 28, including the Chaucer Awards for Early Historical Fiction but the official results have not yet been posted on the website.

Rebels against Tyranny topped the list of finalists, and is a contender for the Grand Prize. I'll update this site when the final results are released.

In other news, my proposal for a textbook about the crusader states (Working Title: Beyond the Seas: The Story of the Crusader States) has passed the first of three hurdles at Routledge, the leading academic publisher for books about the crusades. It will now be submitted to five leading scholars for assessment. If they give it their approval, the proposal will go to the full editorial committee. All in all, I will not know if Routledge will accept the manuscript for another 4 to 6 months, but I am extremely pleased and excited to have made it this far. For more about Routledge see: https://www.routledge.com/

Last but not least, I am finalizing the last chapter and epilogue to The Emperor Strikes Back. That means, so far, I'm still on track to release the second book in the Civil War in the Crusader States series by August or September of this year.